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by RicoTX
Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:26 pm
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Topic: 3 D Printed guns in the news
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Re: 3 D Printed guns in the news

So the victim used basically a prostitute website to meet a rich guy, performed a service, got paid for said service, and now regrets it... and because she lied about her age, he is going to be screwed.

This is where I disagree with the law. She claimed to be an adult, most likely looked like one, yet he may go to jail. Sorry, if a 16 year old girl is going to lie about her age, the law regarding underage situations should not apply. This happens too often in my opinion. We need to update our laws... but it ain't gonna happen. He might be guilty of prostitution, which is a discussion for another day, but to hang him on sexual assault because she lied about her age is not justice.

As a single guy, I'm scared to even date anyone these days...I don't want to harass anyone with what used to be called flirting.

I don't even compliment women anymore unless I know them well. I don't mean catcalls either...i mean stuff like ... you look nice today. Overreaction maybe, but better safe than sorry.


I'm not sure tipping a hat is okay anymore!
I do still open doors for women and older people... surely that will always be okay...I hope.

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