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by RicoTX
Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:51 pm
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Topic: Stolen gun and.... wait for it...
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Re: Stolen gun and.... wait for it...

Glad you got the gun back. I have a locker down safe I keep a spare pistol in, and a locked setup for my ar under the back seat. However I do keep a 22 rifle in the backseat all the time and sometimes a 308... both cheap guns. Do I worry about them being stolen? Not really. I keep my truck locked. The windows are tinted, and if they break in, I'm not going to hold myself responsible for what a criminal does with a stolen gun. I use the safe sometimes for my keys since the truck has keyless entry on the door. Yeah I know... one day the battery will be dead and I'll be breaking a window. Yes I know the console safe is not foolproof, but it will take them longer than they are probably willing to spend... even then they will only find a $200 pistol :mrgreen:

Yes I do check to make sure the rifles are there everyday.

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