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by Nuts
Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:33 pm
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Topic: Why You Should Always Check The Firearm
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Re: Why You Should Always Check The Firearm

30 yrs ago a friend was over and asked to see a pistol that I had sitting on the table. I dropped the loaded mag and checked the chamber then handed to him. A few minutes later he said there was something wrong with the safety and handed it to me. I was checking out the safety and ended up with a 22 lr in my leg. He had put the mag back to in before saying anything and handing it back to me. I was lucky that it wasn't worse. I check and if it leaves my sight or my hands I check again. I've had comments on how much I check then I explain why. It will NOT happen to me again and I try to instill it in others so it won't happen to anyone else.

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