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by Soccerdad1995
Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:51 am
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Topic: Obigation to correct someone?
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Obigation to correct someone?

The area near my office is not the best, and there are two gas stations on the corner where folks have been assaulted in the past. So I try to avoid stopping there. But the other morning, I was late for a morning meeting and did not have time to get gas on the way in. So that evening I did stop there. As always happens, someone started to approach me, presumably to ask for money. He saw the 1911 on my hip, stopped about 10 feet away, and said "do you have a few extra bucks so I get some gas, officer?"

I responded that I was sorry, but I did not have any extra money. I didn't feel the need to correct his statement addressing me as "officer". Other than the gun, I wasn't wearing anything that would indicate I might be a LEO (no handcuffs, badges, etc). At the time, I felt that leaving it uncorrected would help to avoid any possible escalation in that particular case, based on my overall feel of the specific situation.

So my question. Are we under any legal, or ethical, obligation to correct someone who addresses us as "officer"?

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