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by Jusme
Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:27 am
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Topic: Close call almost had to draw
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Re: Close call almost had to draw

I know that we all have, or at least have been tempted, to reply to insults, or those perceived as insults, with cutting remarks, and more insults. These things only escalate any situation.

I understand the OP position, and I am one the biggest defenders of Texas, but something along the lines of "we were so enamored by the beautiful scenery here in your state, we just didn't even notice the signs" Not only deflects the attempted insult, without really acknowledging it, but puts the antagonist in a position, that he can't come up with anything without then really becoming, more of a jerk.

Disrespect is rampant, and there is always someone out there who has a chip on their shoulder, but for every every opportunity to escalate, an interaction, there are just as many opportunities to diffuse them.

There is a book, and several videos, from Dr. George Thompson, called Verbal Judo. They are originally designed for LEOs, but the techniques work for everyone.

Stay safe out there everyone! :tiphat:

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