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by Jusme
Mon May 21, 2018 1:53 pm
Forum: 2017 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Wait 'til Next Year
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Re: Wait 'til Next Year

I'm not one to sit on my hands between legislative sessions. I get involved with every local election in which I vote. I meet with candidates in my county commissioners elections, sherriff, school board, etc. I believe representation, starts at the local level, and State and Federal representation, fully relies upon, the local voting blocs, for their election. If we get local representation, in line with our values and beliefs, it will carry foreword in the State elections. In my county, we were able to defeat a county commissioner, who was in favor of forced annexation, and elect one who opposed it without a majority vote by the residents. He is also very pro 2A and LTC. He is also fully aware that his office is only safe , if he does not waver from the promises he made. I am planning to speak at the next school board meeting, to demand, LTC holding staff, and teachers, be allowed to carry on campuses. I have also began talks to get a LTC instructor to offer free classes, to any ISD staff members, who want it.

I have been flooding my State House and Senate Representatives, as well as the Governor,with emails, to press for not only, requirements for schools to allow LTC carry, but also removing all locations, LTC holders can carry, and have it match locations LEO can carry.

Waiting until the session begins, is often times, too late, because, back room deals have already been made, as to what bills will even be proposed, submitted, and brought to the floor. JMHO

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