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by Jusme
Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:20 am
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Topic: Mrs. VolTexan...Part 2
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Re: Mrs. VolTexan...Part 2

Liberty wrote:I give the officer an F in public relations and professionalism though. Disarming a CHL holder for a routine is an almost unheard of practice these days. The headlight that mysteriously goes off and on? Sounds a little suspicious and like a cover for an illegal stop. We supposedly live in a free country and have freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. If there was a legitimate reason for the stop and disarming he could have explained without lying.

Yes, Mrs. VolTexan handled it well. But I wish these bad officers and departments would get exposed and held accountable. I think this particular officer was more interested in increasing his contact count than he was in safer streets.

I agree the officer either, was poorly trained, or just wanted to exert his authority. I have been stopped twice since I got my LTC, coincidentally both times for headlight out, both asked if I was carrying after seeing my LTC, and the gun's location, but neither wanted to disarm me. All encounters I have had with LEO, both CC, and OC have been positive, as well as conversations I have had. The overwhelming majority, of officers I have spoken with, are glad that there are law abiding citizens who are carrying, and look at us as an extention of the law enforcement community.

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