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by TreyHouston
Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:23 pm
Forum: 2017 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Did we get shut out this year
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Re: Did we get shut out this year

FCMatt wrote:Knife law is signed today and in effect 9/1

Since knives are most definitely a 2 A item, getting rid of 90% of the carry restrictions on them makes this year not a shut out in my opinion.

Time to upgrade my large cold steel espada to an XL in the new powder steel. :txflag:

Ooh, and a REAL Bowie knife, and a double edged benchmade auto.
Gov. Abbot, you gonna ruin my bank balance now :cheers2:

Somebody make sure to link the first Conan the barbarian or walking dead samurai to walk through downtown in September. This is gonna be fun.
"rlol" ya know its gonna happen too! There is always one nut in the bag that will put it on YouTube

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