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by KBCraig
Fri Jun 10, 2005 1:19 pm
Forum: 2005 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Goals for 2007
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Re: Goals for 2007

tomneal wrote:- Change "Concealed Carry" to just "Carry"
- Remove (or reduce) the testing and training requirements from renewals.
Make the renewal class about changes in the law since the last renewal, with the option to take a challenge test before sitting through the class.

- Generally make renewals easier.
- Should finger prints be required for renewals?
Make it the same as a DL renewal, which you can accomplish in person at the local DPS station in about 15 minutes.

Eliminate prints for renewal. As long as DPS is scanning your thumb for a DL, use that system to confirm you're still the person on the license.

And speaking of DPS, eliminate their authority to restrict carry in their buildings. Make them subject to the same law everyone else follows.

- Can the CHL be made a legal government ID?

- Get rid of the carry restrictions by the Lower Colorado River Authority

- Get rid of the wheel gun / semi-auto differences.
Yes to all.
- Carry in schools. Remove carry restrictions from universities. Define schools and school sporting events narrowly. Public schools through grade 12?
- Carry in schools. If you are a school employee, you should be able to carry in school.
Treat government schools like all other local government buildings. It's not likely to pass, but it's a good goal.

Same with public universities; don't treat them differently under the law than any other government building.

Make sure that any remaining laws restricting carry in/on/at schools only applies to government schools; private schools and universities must be able to set their own policies.

- Sporting events - I'd really like to be able to see a baseball game but, I am not willing to walk unarmed in downtown Houston. Maybe a locker requirement for them as well.
Just eliminate the ban.

A good set of goals, Tom.


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