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by Flightmare
Sat May 27, 2017 1:06 am
Forum: 2017 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Did we get shut out this year
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Re: Did we get shut out this year

SewTexas wrote:guys, I literally heard one of the leges say that the reason some bill that was suppose to be for psych services for kids didn't get passed was because they reduced the fee for CHLs and that reduced the budget by MILLIONS of dollars! seriously, that's what he said!
Now, 1. you'd have a hard time convincing me that reducing the fee by that much reduced any budget by that much. and 2. I thought our fee money wasn't suppose to be going into the General Budget, it was suppose to be paying for the CHL processing only, therefore it should be staying within DPS.
What should be happening, and what WAS happening are 2 different things. The excess was funneled into the general fund, hence why it should have been a slam dunk to reduce the fee to just he cost to the state.

As to the larger question of this thread;
Did we get shut out this year?

There are many things that I and others would have liked to see but didn't come to fruition (HB 560 comes to mind). However to say that we were "shut out" I think is misleading.
  • SB 16 passed reducing the fees for new and renewal of LTCs. This should hopefully increase the number of LTCs, and therefore increase the impact that LTCs have on society.

    SB 263 is still a possibility to remove the minimum caliber restriction for the LTC proficiency test.

    SB 2065 was amended for volunteer security at places of worship and may still pass.
There are still others that are pending that may help to further restore 2nd amendment rights. We may not have got everything we wanted on our wish list, but we DID make progress.

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