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by bblhd672
Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:05 am
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Topic: Am I a member of the NRA?
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Re: Am I a member of the NRA?

SkyWipe wrote:I became a life member in August and never received a hat, bag, or any swag like that. All I got was a sticker, patch, and member card.
Then you got the most important stuff! :biggrinjester:

If you signed up for Life Membership under the $500 special in August i don't believe there were any additional incentives/gifts other than $1000 off the membership. I was already an annual member and had gotten a "NRA Range Bag" when I signed up, however when I upgraded to Life Member for $500 I received my Life Membership package in return.

I also have an NRA cap that I got a few years ago when I signed up for annual member. Neither the range bag or cap are what I would consider high quality products.

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