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by bdgyeah
Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:54 pm
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Topic: How I'm changing my life after the election.
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How I'm changing my life after the election.

If Trump wins:

1) Sleep better at night.
2) Be hopeful about the future.

If Hillary wins:

1) Never vacationing in NY or California.
2) Never going back to Vegas if goes blue. If my wife makes me go, I'll be staying at a Trump property.
3) Done with Hollywood. Won't spend another dime at the movies. Sick of these Hollywood types thinking their voice is louder than mine. Not to mention, a matinee for 2 adults and 2 three year olds, 4 drinks, a tub of popcorn, and a box of candy costs $75.00.
4) Turning off Fox News and every other national news channel....also deleting the apps.
5) This is going to be hard, but I am turning off Professional Football and any other sport who's athletes decide to kneel during the National Anthem.
6) Gonna laugh at the various Demographics that voted in large numbers for democrats thinking things are going to change for the better.
7) Going to grow a second set of eyes in the back of my head. Yea SYRIANS!!! Yea CATCH and RELEASE!!!
8) And since our citizens (and non citizens) decided to knowingly and willingly elect a corrupt, unethical politician President, who represents a political party more comfortable lying to us that telling us the truth, after I'm done crying, I may run for President in 4 years.

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