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by earlwb
Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:51 am
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Topic: Show your DIY Ideas and Projects
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Re: Show your DIY Ideas and Projects

ayoungoldguy wrote:One hobby I’d like to get into is reloading, however living in the Dallas/Irving area in an apartment, I don’t have the spare space for a dedicated reloading bench.
I’ve been doing my cleaning and pistol and rifle mods on the dining room table (yes, I do make sure to adequately protect the table!) but there’s no way I could rig a reloading setup there because of the way the table is built. What I need is a portable bench setup, and even though I’ve scoured the internet for ideas, I haven’t come across anything that really looks like it’ll work. Does anyone out there have any pics, ideas or plans of DIY’s you’ve done? I sure could use some fresh ideas! Thanks!
I would suggest using a Lee Hand Press. You can literally reload using a TV dinner or snack table and a chair or even sit on the floor and reload too.
The Lee Hand press actually works really well too. Some guys take them to the range to decap the cases at the range, etc. It works with just about any cartridge except for the really large and long rounds.


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