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by Jnazee
Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:03 pm
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Topic: Why You Should Always Check The Firearm
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Re: Why You Should Always Check The Firearm

E.Marquez wrote:
The Annoyed Man wrote:How did a loaded gun end up in the display counter?
There are so many "How did that happen's" in that video it defies logic.

We all "know" to clear a weapon before bringing it to a shop, dealer, friends house, or handing it off to another person.
Yet it happens all the time that there is a round in the chamber of a "empty" gun...HOW??

There is a video floating around of a gun shop that had a large , like 1 gal sized jar on the counter for collected rounds ejected from already "cleared empty" guns brought into the shop. As I remember it, the large jar was over half filled and it was only mid month...
At 2:24 they bring out a the jar

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