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by Abraham
Thu Dec 11, 2014 3:14 pm
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Topic: Show your DIY Ideas and Projects
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Re: Show your DIY Ideas and Projects

I just bought a Finnish sheath knife by Marttini. It's scary sharp.

Why did I buy it?

Because I've always been concerned if I take a spill on one of my bike rides while being attacking by dogs, I may not be able to get to my Glock 19, (It's in a zippered pack) but on my other side has been a Spyderco Endura clip it.

It would however take some maneuvers to get it into action too. Time I may not have...

The problem?

It takes ages to get the new knife out of it's sheath. I bought the darn thing for immediate access...

If, I can figure out a way to make it come into play quickly, like right immediately now great I'm thinking kydex. However, I see no scabbards fitting this description.



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