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by Keith B
Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:32 am
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Topic: QUALS FOR LEOSA for retired military
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Re: QUALS FOR LEOSA for retired military

Tzayad wrote:BUMP. Why? Because it is a serious question that should get an answer.
First off welcome to the forum. :tiphat:

Second, not sure many on here will be able to answer you as that is an unusual route.

I believe you will have to fill out a form for retired federal law enforcemnt firearms certification with TCOLE. Here is a link to the form list ... plications and this is the individual form ... 0.14_0.pdf

Then you will have to certify with a firearms instructor. In Texas a LTC instructor can do the certification as long as it meets the TCOLE requirements. If you have a connection with your local law enforcement agency their instructor may also be willing to qualify you.

Once you have that completed you should be able to submit the application.

Hope this helps.

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