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by strogg
Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:56 am
Forum: Gun and/or Self-Defense Related Political Issues
Topic: Is Cornyn's time up?
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Re: Is Cornyn's time up?

In reality, Cornyn is pro-2A. He's just not as ardent about it as most 2A supporters are. He's more on the middle, which still makes him a far better candidate than any Demorat. I will vote for him if he is my best choice, regardless of political party affiliation.
BBYC wrote:The way things are going, I know a few people who may not self-identify as Republicans in 2020.
On paper or reality? I identify myself as Republican on paper, only because they are the closest party in existence I can call home. I agree with them on about 70% of the issues, albeit I may agree with them for completely different reasons. I will continue to identify myself on paper as such until a better party comes along or things just naturally shift. By the time 2020 rolls along, I'll still probably be Republican on paper. In reality, I consider myself my own person. There is no political party that describes my true political beliefs.

I think the same can be said for most people out there right of center-left. My theory is, it's one of the reasons why the Republicans have been doing so poorly even after gaining the majority of the government. People on the center-left and over all share pretty much the same views for the same reasons (very emotionally too), which is why they're so strong. People on the center-right and over have many views for many different reasons, some of which may or may not be emotionally motivated, and that makes it harder for them to band together to make meaningful decisions.

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