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by strogg
Tue May 28, 2019 3:48 pm
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Topic: Best compact 1911? Or favorite DA/SA carry
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Re: Best compact 1911? Or favorite DA/SA carry

My daily carry is an M9A3. It's not exactly compact, but it's the most comfortable gun I have, and it's also the easiest and most comfortable to shoot. As far as compact DA/SAs go, my go-to gun is the Arex Zero 1 CP. I feel very confident with it, and it's pretty darn accurate. The recoil isn't all that great (it is a compact after all), it's a bit fat (harder to conceal, but great for my hands), and all the controls are a bit on the heavy side. Other than that, it's a great gun.

As for 1911s... well, the only one I'd carry on a regular basis would be the Ruger SR1911. That's my fancy gun, though. I can't say I'd want a 1911 compact, to be perfectly honest. I don't really have a place for a single stack compact sized firearm. For the round count, I'd rather stick with a subcompact single stack. Or just get the extra round count with a double stack compact. But that's just personal preference. To each his/her own.

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