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by Rob72
Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:20 am
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Topic: ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening
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Re: ‘But, Kavanaugh!’ NeverTrump’s Awakening

MaduroBU wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:29 pm

I agree that he has taken on several very important and overlooked issues, and I don't need him to be a saint. I find his philandering to be off putting, but i think that it's part of a larger issue of extreme narcissism. Im not sure that Trump can admit to being wrong, which could influence decision making that affects me.
You will not find anyone elected to public office without at least modest clinical symptomology of narcissism. Trump, overall, is fairly mild.

Narcissists, on the grand-stage, are ideologues, of which the Clintons and Obamas are classic examles. "Not only should everyone love ME, they must in their heart of hearts, love MY ideas. If they do not, they are dangerous, and should be forcibly repressed." In that same vein, and in the evolution of progressive narcissism, we see the idea that law is used to control the disagreeable, while the "Leader" does not have to be accountable to said law, i.e., classic sociopathology.

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