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Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:22 am
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Topic: Smooth fingerprints rejected
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Re: Smooth fingerprints rejected

(Finger)tips for success:

-- To the extent possible, don't shower, wash hands, or handle items for a period of time prior to the fingerprinting appointment. This is kind of gross from a hygiene perspective, but it minimizes normal erosion of the outer layer of skin and maybe can help enhance the prints as a result.

-- The fingerprinting center probably has a spray bottle of some liquid (water or whatever) that they can apply to the applicant's fingers to help raise the skin ridges, as skin absorbs moisture (think prune fingers in the bath).

-- Make sure the fingerprint-taker is not experiencing his or her first rodeo. A skilled technician can help to overcome smooth print difficulties. Green technicians will struggle more.

-- Know the law. On the federal side, a number of years ago I was told that federal agencies must adhere to a "three strikes" rule. If they don't get proper quality control in three tries, they have to waive the requirement. I was told this while going through immigration procedures. At the time, I was living in Austin and the INS field office was in San Antonio. They made me drive down three times because of successively-rejected prints. On my third road trip I was becoming frustrated and I asked, "When does this end?!" They replied "Now" and explained that the federal government had been sued by an individual who had a severed finger. The person's application kept getting rejected repeatedly because the applicant was only ever able to deliver 9 fingerprints. Reportedly, it took a lawsuit to stop that nonsense.

As to what the law is at the state level in Texas at this time, that I could not tell you. I got fingerprinted yesterday at an Identogo, and ran into the same trouble I've always had, as the scanning machine kept saying "rejected" or whatever. But the technician was experienced, and with water application plus scanning them over and over and over again, HOPEFULLY the resulting set will be accepted. Finger(tips) crossed.

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