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by Ringler0614
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:51 am
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Topic: Child support arrears
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Re: Child support arrears

:nono: don't judge someone without knowing the story. Just because someone owes back child support, doesn't mean they are not supporting their child. My husband, according to the state owes back child support. My husband always paid as it came out of his check. Well his ex wife relapsed and went to rehab. When this happened, his son came and lived with us. Shortly after, he was laid off from work so the child support stopped. We didn't pay her directly because we now had him and she agreed to that. When he went back to work they started taking it out again. The state is saying we owe back child support during the time he was out of work even his son was living with us and still lives with us. We are on a payment plan and paying it back. Luckily she has been giving the money right back to us. Neither one of us want to have to go back to court to change the order takes to much time and money. So please understand the situation before making assumptions

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