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by DXer
Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:38 pm
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Topic: Need your wisdom - DL etched on gun
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Need your wisdom - DL etched on gun

I bought a Winchester Ranger in about 1980 and it has graced my closet most of the time since, but for whatever reason-perhaps it was a friendly and helpful suggestion-I used one of those electric vibrating engravers to add my Texas DL above the serial. It never crossed my mind at the time that this might be a truly stupid thing to do, but it does now. If I sell it, someone will bug me about ownership. If I grind it off, it looks stolen. It isn't worth much, so one of those police collection events might resolve the quandary. Try to be kind--this was all before computerized lists and such, and I think everything of value owned in those days got the same treatment.

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