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by Joe Penn
Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:40 pm
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Topic: Waiting time after revocation
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Waiting time after revocation

On 08/27/2012 I was charged with a Class B misdemeanor: 42.07 PC MB

On 05/27/2013 I returned my CHL by certified mail to The DPS following a suspension letter.

On 01/15/2014 I was given a deferred adjudication by the court.

On 08/14/2014 I received a revocation letter from DPS.

Question: Five years has elapsed on 01/15/2019 since my deferred adjudication on 01/15/014. Inasmuch as I surrendered my CHL prior to the deferred adjudication and prior to the subsequent revocation will my current application be
approved or will it be denied for two addition years?

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