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by Grayling813
Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:52 pm
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Topic: Nobody but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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Re: Nobody but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

surprise_i'm_armed wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:46 pm
She makes $174,000 a year. Her payment was for only $1,237.16.

I believe if most of us made 174K a year, that loan would have long ago been paid off. Just sayin'.

$1,237.16 is .007% of her yearly salary.

Even paying off the entire $20,000 remainder would only be 11.49% of her yearly salary.

Since her re-election isn't looking very sure, she should hop on that balance like a duck on a june bug.

Maybe she should call Dave Ramsey and he could help her prioritize. :-)

Maybe she should just give up and jump off the Brooklyn Bridge!

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