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by ScottDLS
Thu May 02, 2019 4:54 pm
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Topic: Does " any time..." really mean ANY time?
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Re: Does " any time..." really mean ANY time?

There have been sporadic reports here that the Medical Review Board or the people reviewing the applications have expanded the definition of disqualifying medical conditions beyond the plain text of the law. In my opinion, if you are not aware of having been diagnosed by a board certified (in the specialty related to the diagnosis) medical doctor with the EXACT conditions described in the LAW, then any other treatment is irrelevant to your application for a LTC. Unless RSD are going randomly approach every psychiatrist in every place you have lived fishing for your medical records while waving around your HIPPA release, I don't think the issue is likely to arise. However, I'm not going to include my 2nd grade school nurse's note saying my fingerpainting skills are reflective of deep psychological issues and a desire to harm others.

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