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by Chemist45
Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:40 pm
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Topic: Any Alessi holster owners?
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Re: Any Alessi holster owners?

I have several Alessi holsters. They are great. In fact, they are the first CCW holsters I bought so I cannot compare them to other makers.
(Unless you count the odd Uncle Mike's holster which is not even close to comparable.)

I used to live in Buffalo, NY where Lou Alessi had his shop. It was on my way home from work. I spent hours visiting with him on the days when he was there.
He was a great guy to talk to - full of stories and extremely pro-gun. I think I got in good with him when I pointed to a dual holster rig hanging on the wall and asked him, "Is that a double Alessi shoulder rig?" He smiled and said Yup! I asked if it was set up for a pair of Detonic's scoremasters and he told me it was.
For those who don't know, Jerry Ahern wrote a series of novels about a survivalist and the main character wore a double Alessi shoulder rig and carried Detonics scoremasters.
I found out then that Lou and Jerry were friends from way back.

Lou was generous too. He supported the local charities including the Boy Scouts. He offered to let Mrs. Chemist and I attend the Shot Show as Alessi employees. I'd have to pay our way, but he would get us in as exhibitors. I still kick myself for not taking him up on that.
Lou was also generous in handing out gift certificates to the local FONRA dinners and other sportsmen events. That's how I happened to be able to afford several of his holsters. I never thought the wait was excessive, but then I stopped by on a regular basis and was probably given special treatment as a result.

I remember he hated to make belts. He warned me that if I ever ordered a belt from him I would wait a very long time for it.
Just before leaving NY for Texas, I won another gift certificate. I ordered a belt. :-) I was just feeling curmudgeonly. Sadly, Lou died before I ever got my belt. His successor (I believe his daughter) generously converted the belt order to a holster for Mrs. Chemist.

When you get your holster it will be hand fitted to the model of gun you ordered. The gun will slide in and out and will have positive retention with no adjustment needed.
It will be worth the wait.

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