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by Charles L. Cotton
Thu May 23, 2013 9:25 am
Forum: 2013 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: SA Express News...'gun experts'
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Re: SA Express News...'gun experts'

Senator Estes was the author on:

SB766 (2011) - Passed: Texas Sport Shooting Range Protection Bill
SB299 (2013) - Passed: Clarifying "unintentional failure to conceal" and correcting the McDermott decision.
SB383 (2013) - Died/Committee: Giving judges the option to order seized firearms sold rather than destroyed.
SB1400 (2013) - Passed: Prohibits cities and counties from regulating air guns (allows them to prohibit discharge).
HB3142 (2013) - Passed: Sen. Estes carried Rep. Bell's bill to remove the SA/NSA distinction.

If he doesn't realize he can carry a revolver with his SA license, then it could be the instructor's fault, or he simply may have forgotten that fact. (This would tend to support my comments about students not remembering much of their class from 5 or 10 years earlier.) Either way, Sen. Estes is a major player in the continuing effort to defend and expand firearms rights in Texas. Too bad there aren't many more like him in the Senate.


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