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by AJSully421
Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:08 am
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Topic: A test for Anti-concealed carry
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Re: A test for Anti-concealed carry

Psychological Projection is the most common psychological phenomenon in humans.

Nearly every anti-gunner that I have ever know and had some sort of relationship with who says something about non-LEO carrying and either "snapping" or just shooting someone for no reason, that individual has had a temper, or has otherwise shown themselves to not be able to control their emotions. They are projecting their lack of basic discipline onto me and everyone else who carries.

Next is the "lack of training", which for someone who has never fired a gun, it is pretty easy for them to think that it is nearly impossible to hit a bad guy under stress. I remember watching a documentary that was set in Desert Storm when I was around 14-15, and some guy hits some Iraqis at around 300 yards with an M16 with irons only. I had fired an AR once at that point, and only at around 100 yards, and could barely keep rounds on a B27 target, so for a soldier to be able to do this at 300 seemed super-human to me. Now, 20 years later, and with lots of practice, I can hit an 12" plate at 300 with irons all day long. I think that someone who has never fired a gun will always feel like I did at 14.

So basically, ignorance mixed with projection, and a big helping of emotional problems on top... and that is how you get an anti-gunner.

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