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by Oldgringo
Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:10 pm
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Topic: Black-Friday Bummer..
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Re: Black-Friday Bummer..

snatchel wrote:So my wife and cousin enlisted me to go black Friday shopping with them. I was hesitant, but my wife pointed out that she did NOT want to be out in the parking lots of BestBuy/Target/etc. in the wee hours of the night without me. After considering her remark, I agree that tonight the retail shopping parking lots will be a little more dangrous than usual. I'll be out shopping after midnight tonight I suppose.. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Maybe I can swing by Academy and pick up something nice for myself while we are out.

So.. what to carry? I'm thinking Miss G30 will be joining me on the hip, and Miss Bodyguard in my pocket :)
Your wife and cousin don't have guns?

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