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by jbirds1210
Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:51 pm
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Topic: Welcome to the funny spot on your dial!
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As many of you know, I work with LEO on a daily I am fortunate enough to hear many of their tales....some of them which are very very tall! Here is one that I heard the other day and knowing this group fairly well.....I don't doubt for a second that it happened.

This all starts with a bunch of guys having the key to their supervisor's car. For months the guys would turn up the radio, turn on the windshield wipers and so forth....until they got bored. Then......

They decided to take four marine flares, some electric tape, a handful of various wires and electric clips and fashion them into something that would make you use the bathroom on yourself if you looked over and saw it in your seat. :lol: To top it off the guys taped a pager onto the front of this fake explosive and paged it when they saw the officer get into his car! He looked over, jumped out of the car and gave the device a good Holywood style sling across the parking lot :anamatedbanana
I think it has taken years for the poor guy to live this down, but he likes to think of himself as having done the right thing in a potentially dangerous situation......I myself would have been moving away from the object and not grabbing it to do anything!

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