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by Excaliber
Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:21 am
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Topic: McLennan Asst. DA has ND inside a courthouse classroom.
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Re: McLennan Asst. DA has ND inside a courthouse classroom.

n5wd wrote:If you guys will read the second link's posting, it says that the unfortunate Asst-DA asked the owner of the new Glock .40 (also another Asst-DA) whether it was loaded, and the owner said "no", so the party of the first-part (the shooter) did a press-check and didn't see anything in the chamber.
Jarrett pulled back the slide, he said, to double-check if it was loaded and didn’t see a bullet slide into the chamber.
So , IMHO his boss should provide him (in this order):
1. A citation for discharging a firearm within city limits
2. a letter of reprimand for unsafe handling of a firearm within county offices
3. a bill for the damage (why should the taxpayers pay for this)
4. better office lighting6
5. an appointment with an optometrist

Great list!

Suggested additions:

6. Training in how to determine whether or not a gun is loaded for both the owner and the shooter.
7. Training in how to prepare a gun for inspection by another (magazine out, slide locked back, chamber verified empty visually and by feel).

:smash: "rlol"

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