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by Excaliber
Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:39 am
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Topic: P365 ms or S&W shield 2.0
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Re: P365 ms or S&W shield 2.0

I have and like both. Here’s my take:

For belt carry inside or out the Shield wins every time.

For pocket carry the P365 can’t be beat for great capacity in a 9mm platform that disappears in a proper pocket holster.

My P365 is recently manufactured and has the new more robust striker tip Sig developed to fix breakage issues with earlier versions, but it’s still a MIM part. MIM is OK for things like thumb safeties but is a no-go for me in fire control and impact parts. I laid out the extra $100 to get a forged stainless steel replacement from Brownells for peace of mind.

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