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by mrvmax
Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:31 pm
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Topic: LCR 9mm v. 38 Special snub
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Re: LCR 9mm v. 38 Special snub

I could never see myself carrying my spare ammo on moon clips, at least with the 38 you can use speed strips. I carry spare ammo with me about 90% of the time and I know I couldn’t get used to the thickness of the spare ammo on moon clips. There’s probably not a large difference in the thickness of some mags I’ve carried before vs loaded moon clips but I still didn’t like them. I’ve carried 38 spare ammo once on speed loaders and I couldn’t get used to carrying them so I went to speed strips. I never did practice enough to feel competent reloading a revolver so I stopped carrying one. I guess I’m just not a revolver guy for EDC.

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