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by mrvmax
Sat Sep 07, 2019 4:06 pm
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Topic: Lessons from observing 5000 gunfights
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Re: Lessons from observing 5000 gunfights

I used to watch him when he first got started but for some reason he annoys me. I like to follow people who have some real world fighting experience too (like Pat McNamara), there’s a world of difference in just knowing theory and actually using it in real life. Anyone can view videos and make up commentary but most have never been in a gunfight. Just my opinion but most probably won’t agree. I will admit he has a large variety of videos but they can be found doing searches yourself and you don’t have to listen to his commentary when viewing them.

I never did understand why people will follow firearm instructors with no actual experience or questionable backgrounds (James Yeager comes to mind). John C has many certifications but any one of us can get those. There are plenty of guys who have had real world experience and can tell you first hand what does and does not work for me to follow someone who only knows theory.

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