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by Griz44
Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:44 am
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Topic: Travel to Canada w/ handgun
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Re: Travel to Canada w/ handgun

For storage, service or repair -
According to the rules, unless it is a pawn and return from pawn, no NICS is required. It is classified as a transfer, but does not require a NICS to return it to the owner. No NICS is required unless someone other than the person who dropped it off is picking it up. I have one hunter that drops off his hunting stuff for me to ship to Montana (from Texas) so he can take the plane to go hunt. He could check them, but he takes more stuff than the airline wants him to take, and charges him more than I do to ship and do the logs. He has them shipped back to me and then comes to pick them up when he gets back home. He also has me go through them and have everything nice and clean and ready for the safe by the time he returns.
They do have to go in the log for inventory and inspection purposes.
This information came directly from the BATFE because I called my local contact person and asked what the proper procedure should be.

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