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by Piney
Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:08 pm
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Topic: Denny's customer shoots @ armed robbers
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Re: Denny's customer shoots @ armed robbers

The details of what transpired are still limited.
To me, the poor judgement on the citizen's part may have been him engaging the BGs. I agree with other posters that one doesn't know what to expect from a bg so perhaps he acted prudently. I wasnt there, looking towards a barrell. Poor judgement certianly occured in the decision made about following them out into the parking lot, firing on them as they drove away.
From KHOU == The suspects returned fire before fleeing the scene in a white minivan. The customer ran outside and fired at the suspects’ van, but they got away.==

This "following the BG outside....." activity is a too frequent part of such a report. I ask myself why in the world would I chase someone out into the open to engange them furthur. I consider that past the legal (and perhaps moral?) definition of self defense and shooting to stop the threat. As one sees the BG driving off or his/her backside out the doorway- the threat is effectively stopped.

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