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by Salty1
Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:40 pm
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Topic: What's involved in getting a FFL?
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Re: What's involved in getting a FFL?

Good luck with your HOA, I suggest finding other people within your HOA who have a small business in their homes and document it. Googgle maps may help identify them. It makes no difference what businesses they have, Tupperware, Mary Kay etc. If you find some then you can explain they are discriminating against your firearms business and holding you to a different standard. I would put together a professional presentation and tell them you have no plans to sell ammo. I have had my FFL for 8 years in 2 different locations both with HOA's and received the signoff due to being professional and having he presentation with copies for each board member. I will be giving up my FFL soon as it is not worth the headaches for the money. Most people buy online to avoid the sales tax and $20 transfers involve more time than one realizes...... Good luck

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