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by flintknapper
Wed May 31, 2017 11:50 am
Forum: 2017 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Did we get shut out this year
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Re: Did we get shut out this year

4copas wrote:Take a look at all the bad gun bills filed that attack our 2nd amendment rights. Good and bad bills listed here by Charles. ... ve-session

As far as I can tell, attacking bills got nowhere. While we didn't get all we wanted to move forward, we did fight off going backwards. That fight will always be there, probably increases sad to say.
A little disappointed, but I agree...there was progress made and also the staving off of bad gun bills was a good thing.

I guess its just disheartening when I see bills like 560 not make much headway but a bill to allow such frivolous things as Shooting Feral Hogs from a Hot Air Balloon make the grade. Sheeeesh.

You know that's got to be important! :roll:

"H.B. 3535 amends the Parks and Wildlife Code to authorize a qualified landowner or landowner's agent, as determined by Parks and Wildlife Commission rule, to contract to participate as a hunter or observer in using a hot air balloon to take depredating feral hogs or coyotes under the authority of a permit to manage wildlife and exotic animals from aircraft. The bill requires the commission to adopt rules as necessary to implement the bill. ... ill=HB3535

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