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by gomowdude
Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:19 am
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Conceal a shotgun

A LEO friend of mine works the worst part of our town so he has some interesting stories both good and bad. When our families get together for dinner it usually ends with the girls talking girl stuff and my friend telling me stories of his nightly patrols. Some are serious and some get us laughing till we can barley stay in our chairs. One of my favorites is as follows. My friend was cruising in his patrol car with his partner and noticed a guy walking more abnormal than usual for a guy with his pants sagged so low they are about to fall off and he kept fumbling with his pants near his crotch. He sensed the need to make a u-turn and confront the individual. He approached the guy from behind and stopped his car, got out and he and his partner both approached the guy. They shouted at him to stop and he did, they then demanded to see his hands, he said "I can't". My friend drew down on the guy and advanced and shouted again "show me your hands," he said, "I can't." My friend warned him again with the remark, "you are about to die! show me your hands!." At this he finally pulled his hands out of his pants and a sawed off shotgun fell out. They tackled him to the ground and roughed him up a bit and after cuffing him began asking him why he would not show his hands and if he realized how close he was to being shot. He began to cry and said, "man I couldn't man, cause I would drop the gun........and if I lost that gun man, I would be in big trouble." They asked why he would be in so much trouble and he said, "its my moms man, its my moms shotgun man, its my moms." They said, "whats worse going to jail or loosing your moms gun" and placed him under arrest, the whole time he was crying and just kept saying, "its my moms man, its my moms.....shes going to kill me for loosing that gun..." Rule of thumb, don't take your moms shotgun out for a walk shoved down your pants.

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