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by Gracegarden
Sat May 09, 2009 7:45 pm
Forum: Never Again!!
Topic: A laugh and a lesson.
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Re: Here's my "newbie" experience...

My husband and I went to the Austin Gun show a few weeks ago. I had been having trouble handling my XD so we decided to consider something else, after hours of shopping we decided on a Walther PPS 9mm.
We went through the purchasing process and went home, looking forward to using it.
Range day came and we got our guns, ammo, etc. and loaded up.

First shot with my Walther jammed and when our 'range master' dug out the shell it had a pretty bloated, ballooned end. I loaded a 40cal with 9mm ammo! Range Master said a lesser quality gun may have exploded in my hand!

Interesting lesson...I bought a 9mm, came home (unknowingly) with a 40, and shot 9mm.

I will always check now, regardless of what anyone else tells me. And now I have to buy the more expensive 40 cal. :grumble

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