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by troglodyte
Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:05 am
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Topic: EO affect on Gun Trust
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EO affect on Gun Trust

I was about to set up a Gun Trust but now with the Executive Order I'm wondering what the pros and cons would be.

I've read through the White House Fact Sheet but it doesn't outline any specifics, only language like, "ATF is finalizing a rule that makes clear that people will no longer be able to avoid background checks by buying NFA guns and other items through a trust or corporation," which I believe was already in the works.

I know that a lot of folks set up gun trusts because their CLEO wouldn't sign off for them but now it appears the CLEO won't be in the approval loop, only notified. Our CLEO would sign off so that's not a problem. I like the idea that any firearms in the trust are shielded from probate and that when I do get a SBR or suppressor all members of the trust will be able to legally possess them. I don't know of any doors getting knocked down because the wife has access to a suppressor that belongs to her husband or any arrest for letting your son shoot your SBR even though he doesn't have the stamp but I'd rather be safe than sorry in this current climate. Also the fact that if any of my trustees buy a NFA firearm they can put it in the trust is appealing.

Has/will anything change with this due to the EO?

If I get a trust formed before the ATF ruling will I and my trustees be grandfathered in or will there be retroactive action or background checks?

When is the ATF expected to rule?

Any other pros or cons I should consider?

I've visited Sean Cody's and Jim Willi's websites. I've heard good about both of them, any reason to choose one over the other? Anyone else I should consider?

Just to add, all my would be trustees (wife, sons, and DILs) are CHLs.

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