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Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:59 pm
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Topic: Talo Distributors: Customized models of popular firearms.
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Talo Distributors: Customized models of popular firearms.

At Bud's Gun Shop, or at your local gun show, you may have come across customized handguns from Talo Distributors.

Talo began operations selling firearms to distributors in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

The above link will take you to their website. From the home page, click on "Collections" and you can browse their complete product line.
They offer familiar firearms brands/models with custom grips, custom hardware, custom engraving, and/or unique coatings.

I believe if you see something you like, you buy from Talo and have it sent to your preferred FFL. You don't have to wait for one to pop up at a gun show.

Ruger is one of their largest offerings, but they also offer Colts, Glocks, Smith and Wessons, Walthers, and many more.

Not all the prices are given for each firearm, but the ones that are stated, seem reasonable for a custom gun. YMMV.


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