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by TEX
Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:50 am
Forum: 2005 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Goals for 2007
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We need a number of firearm laws passed or statutes changed in the 2007 session.

1. Range Protection Bill
2. Employee parking area exemption or protection despite company policy
3. Civil Suit Exemption if No Billed or Exonerated in Self Defense Action
4. Removal of restriction in Universities, Sporting Evens, LCRA Property


1. An Advanced Level CHL that includes much more training, higher skill level and mental evaluation, that would remove all restrictions of where one could carry. Schooling 40+ hours, skill level about that of an Air Marshal, and mental stability evaluation and interviews with co-workers, friends, relatives, etc.
2. No sales tax on any firearms, ammunition, or related equipment for anyone with a CHL
3. CHL would also authorize carrying of other normally prohibited weapons such as; dirks, daggers, Bowie knives, switch blade knives, etc.

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