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by BrianSW99
Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:22 pm
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Topic: DPS Update 8/26/11
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Re: DPS Update 8/26/11

Crossfire wrote:Charles, a few questions for you.
Charles L. Cotton wrote: Instructor Renewals
No shooting will be required for instructors renewing this year, if you certificate expires on Dec. 31, 2011. Letters and new certificates will be going out to instructors who have applied for renewal and passed the online test. Some folks took the test, but didn't actually apply for renewal and pay the fee. Those instructors need to complete the application process.

Instructors will have to shoot when their certificates expire in 2015, but you will be able to complete the proficiency requirement with any CHL Instructor. From that point on, we will have to do the shooting proficiency portion of the renewal process every other renewal; i.e. every four years.
Is this a typo? Or, are you saying that our instructor certs will be good for 4 years, instead of 2?
Approved videos
DPS is reevaluating the videos it previously approved to see which ones are still appropriate for the course, probably in light of legislative changes. Until this evaluation process is finished, no new videos will be approved. (Let's give them time to finish their review before we ask for new approvals.) However, DPS posted several videos used in Instructor schools on Youtube and those are approved for use in CHL classes.
It was my prior understanding that we only needed DPS approval for full length videos, not short clips. Has this changed?
The way I understood it from class, everyone will be doing the online test only for both the 2011 and 2013 renewal's. Shooting proficiency will be required on the 2015 renewal and will continue every other renewal after that.


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