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by lrb111
Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:27 pm
Forum: 2009 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: Urgent Action Items: Parking lots & campus-carry
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Re: Urgent Action Items: Parking lots & campus-carry

TrueFlog wrote: For the parking lot bill, I know many of our reps are trying to balance the employee's 2A rights against the employer's property rights. I think it's important to remind them that in Texas, we regard a person's vehicle as his private property and an extension of his home. With that mindset, this bill has nothing to do with employer's property rights since the gun never leaves the car (the employee's private property). Moreover, this bill affirms the property rights of the employee, and protects his vehicle (home) from intrusion by his employer.
That is such a good point. thank you..

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