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by Smokey613
Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:14 pm
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Topic: Lubbock PD Range Closed - ND Related
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Re: Lubbock PD Range Closed - ND Related

WTR wrote:Seems as NDs have occurred more often since the PDs have switched from revolvers to SAs. A friend was involved with two NGs by his partners. One when his partner was fooling with his newly issued M59 inside their patrol car. Another when his partner tripped with a loaded shotgun and shot my friend in the back. My friend soon left the force.
While I have no proof, I suspect the increase was mainly due to the adoption of Glocks or similar striker fired pistols. Even when a lot of departments went to the S&W DA/SA semi-autos in the 80s you did not hear a lot about ND. Our local PD did a pretty intensive training program when they moved from the semi auto Smiths to the Glock.

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