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by Smokey613
Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:51 am
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Topic: QUALS FOR LEOSA for retired military
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Re: QUALS FOR LEOSA for retired military

I first retired in 2005. I did not get a retirement ID at the time. I did get finally get one a few years later and had the Firearms Instructor at the SO I retired from qualify me. It was an odd experience as I had been the FI there for the last 12 years before retirement. I returned to LE employment in 2015 and I am our agency's FI as well as being a TCOLE certified FI. I have a special form that I fill out and provide to retired LEOs when I do a requalification. I even ran our city attorney and our municipal court judge through the course and signed their DPS forms so they could get their LTC. Some agencies, like our local PD issue retirement IDs that expire and they require the retired officers to requal to get a new ID. An expiring ID is not required by Texas or Federal law, only the documentation that you have qualified every two years for Texas or annually for LEOSA purposes. My SO retirement ID never expires so I would simply need to keep my firearms qualification documentation updated once I retire at the end of this year from my current agency. Texas provides a path for out of state or federal retired LEOs to obtain the required documentation but Texas LEOs that retire are left to their own means to obtain their firearms qualification documentation. We plan to move to South Alabama once we retire to be close to our only child and they are much more proactive in proving retired LEOs a path to obtain LEOSA required documentation. In fact, Alabama is much more gun friendly than Texas. Several of our local ISDs have retired LEOs as resource officers and they are armed peace officers.

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