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by joe817
Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:55 pm
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Topic: The thread where we thank Mr. Cotton
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Re: The thread where we thank Mr. Cotton

RPBrown wrote:Charles, I agree with what you have said here. I heard a news cast Tuesday night that said Texas lawmakers only passed about 1/4 of the bills filed this year when that number is usually closer to 1/2. I wish I could find the story so I could post it. Was rather interesting if you can believe main stream media sources.
Here's some interesting statistics on filed/passed bills this legislative session:

Total House Bills Introduced: 4,207
Total House Bills Passed: 819 = 19.47%

Total Senate Bills Introduced: 2,069
Total Senate Billes Passed: 504 = 24.36%

Of the total House and Senate bills introduced(6,276), 1,323 were passed, or 21.08%

Note: Only bills introduced and passed were included above. When you add in allllllll the resolutions: House/Senate:Concurrent & Joint(both Chambers) the numbers change dramatically:

House & Senate Introduced: 11,355
House & Senate Passed: 5,972
Or: 52.6%

To sum it up, IMHO, alllll the congratulatory and memorial resolutions distort the reality of actual legislative bills passed and introduced. Take statistics with a grain of salt.

Source: Texas Legislature; Legislative Statistics. Report date: 06/03/2015 ... statistics" onclick=";return false;

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