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by puma guy
Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:40 pm
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Topic: Student with filthy Glock
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Re: Student with filthy Glock

I don't recommend using WD-40 on any firearm unless it's been dunked in water or been rained on and even then ; even then removal of the WD-40 with an appropriate approved firearms lubricant is appropriate. When WD-40 came out we thought it was a wonderful thing. We had to wipe down about 75 guns every night as part of our closing procedure at the store. Spraying WD40 was so easy and it didn't hurt the finish on the wood. We discovered it gummed up actions because it builds up residue and fouls. WD-40 is not a true lubricant, WD stands for water displacement and the 40 is for the 40th formulation. I didn't learn until many years later, but I never again used in on firearms we started using Rusteprufe to wipe the guns down.

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