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by switch
Wed May 17, 2006 8:02 pm
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Topic: self defense against stun guns/pepper spray
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self defense against stun guns/pepper spray

Glad I found you guys.

Recently, there was a discussion on PDO ( (By the way, what/where is PSC?)

What do you recommend/tell students about defending against stun guns/pepper spray?

I know that many LEO think they are justified to use deadly force against pepper spray. They were taught that's why they had to be sprayed in training - so they could testify that they knew they would be incapacitated and the scum bag could take their weapon.

I am not sure a non-LEO could use that argument, especially since their 'duty weapon' is supposed to be concealed.

Also, since the stun gun is NOT incapacitating (regardless of what you see on TV), how are you going to argue you shot someone cause you were afraid he was going to shock you?

Granted, Tasers are disabling for most victims.

I tell them stun guns and pepper spray are 'intermediate weapons', as such they are non-lethal (less than lethal? less lethal?) and I do not think we can justify deadly force.

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